Jerarca Platina


Jerarca Platina is obtained from a combination of refined vegetable oils. E-319 natural antioxidants and antifoaming E900.


More stability and resistence to high temperatures, as it provides a long duration.
It fries leaving no odour, it has a neutral taste and low foaming.
Food conserves its original taste.
Higher quality of frying (crusty, light and less oily).
With Jerarca Platina a crispy and light fry is achieved.



  • Pallets with 33 tins of 22 kg / tin.
  • Pallets with 60 tins of 10L / tin.

  • Heat the oil between 170 and 190 degrees.
  • Filter the oil after each service.
  • Drain the ingredients before introducing them to the fryer.
  • Cleaning the inside of the fryer and resistances after each service.


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