Puyoli Selectum


Completely natural. It is obtained from the first pressing in cold of selected not very ripe olives. It has a natural aroma and taste of olive juice.

It has a low sourness and a lightly fruit taste.
It is the highest quality of olive oil.
It is unique. Essential for a daily diet.

Specially indicated to dress salads, sauce,…etc. It improves the gastronomic quality of food. A higher yield is obtained in fried dishes. It has fewer calories.

It is the most beneficial for consumption. Indicated against heart disease and rich in vitamins.



Product with very healthy values, beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It provides an anti-inflammatory power that helps prevent diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

Besides olive oil is rich in oleic acid. This is a healthy type of fat, which raises cholesterol HDL (good cholesterol), without increasing the total blood cholesterol.


  • Pallets with 72 boxes of 12 bottles of 1L
  • Pallets with 80 boxes of 12 bottles of 5L


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